Modern Classics

In Simon Gault Modern Classics you’ll find a modern take on culinary favourites from around the world. Traditional dishes such as Italian risotto, roast leg of lamb and seafood paella are updated with Simon Gault’s signature 5 percent magic. Favourite desserts such as crème brûlée, apple pie and cheesecake are reinterpreted with unexpected and irresistible fresh new flavours.

Learn to cook the perfect steak or an airy soufflé, be inspired to try new recipes from different cuisines, and master a selection of timeless dishes that promise to become your new go-to classics for any occasion.

  • Penguin Random House New Zealand
  • September 2014 release
  • ISBN: 9780143570813
  • Hardback, 224 pages
  • Distributed in New Zealand and Australia via Penguin Books.
  • Photography: Kieran Scott